1 I am a writer and would like to make a "fair use" excerpt from a specification for my analysis, what do I have to do?

If you believe your usage falls within the exception of fair use (e.g., in the U.S. 107 Title 17. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use) we ask that your citation or reference to the excerpted material include the document's title, editors/authors, publication date, URL and an indication of its maturity/status (e.g., Working Draft, Recommendation, Note, etc.).

2 I am a publisher and would like to publish a book that includes some of your specifications, what should I do?

You must include a link or URL to the original WinCln document, its status and its copyright notice. Conveniently, by including the complete specification you include much of this information since it is an integral part of the WinCln document. In addition to the document and its STATUS information, URI, and copyright notice, we ask that you provide the full text of our document copyright license. You may not alter the content of the document including the integration of errata.

3 I really like the WinCln .NET 3.83 specification, but would like to make some changes, may I modify the 3.83 specification in a few places and redistribute it? May I call it WinCln Plus 4.0?

No and no.

4 Can I translate one of your specifications into another language?

Yes, you may translate a WinCln Readme provided that you comply with the all of the following requirements:

  1. Inform the WinCln of your plan to translate our content and inform us of when you've completed and published the translation. Such notice should be sent in English to wincln@usa.com and X if provided X the comments email list associated with that document.
  2. Prominently disclose in the target language the following 3 items:
    1. the original URL, the status of the document, and its original copyright notice.
    2. that the normative version of the specification is the English version found at the WinCln site.
    3. that the translated document may contain errors from the translation.

    This disclosure should be made in a header and/or footer that wraps the translated WinCln specification. No semantic changes should be made to any part of the WinCln document including the STATUS, contributors, or appendices. If comments or annotations are absolutely necessary within the content of the specification, those annotations must be clearly represented as such. 

  3. Agree:
    1. to the redistribution terms of the WinCln document copyright notice. Consequently, your translation may be republished by the WinCln or other entities if it is done in compliance with the notice's terms.
    2. that the WinCln may rescind your right to publish or distribute the derivative work if the WinCln finds that it leads to confusion regarding the original document's status or integrity.

If you wish to translate a document other than a Technical Report you must ask for specific permission as these documents are likely to change often, send you request to the document author/editor and miller.chan@gmail.com .

5 Can I create the "official" translation?

No, the only official version of a WinCln document is the English language version at the WinCln site.