PlayStation 2 HDD checker

Update 2018/02/04: v0.95 released!
Update 2017/02/28: v0.942 released!
Update 2016/12/16: v0.941 released!
Update 2016/09/16: v0.94 released!
Update 2016/08/09: v0.932 released!
Update 2016/06/10: v0.931 released!
Update 2016/01/09: v0.93 re-released!
Update 2016/01/06: v0.93 re-released!
Update 2016/01/04: v0.93 released!
Update 2014/06/26: v0.92 re-released!
Update 2014/06/23: v0.92 released!
Update 2013/09/30: Bug report.
Update 2013/08/06: Initial public release.

HDDChecker is a basic disk diagnostic tool meant for testing the health of your PlayStation 2 console's Harddisk Drive unit.

It was conceived and constructed because I didn't want to see anymore poor SCPH-20400 units being cut open, just to have the disks within them taken out for testing. >_>

It'll also be useful for those people who need to check the condition of their HDD units, but don't have a working IDE port on their computers to connect the disk to.

It has the following features:

  1. Detects and lists the model, serial, firmware and S.M.A.R.T. status of HDD unit 0 (Primary Master).
  2. Performs a surface scan of the disk.
  3. Supports 48-bit LBA disks up to 2TB.
  4. Performs zero-filling of the disk with large blocks.
  5. With the surface scan, bad sectors found might be remappable*.
  6. Checks for damage to the APA scheme and PFS partitions.
  7. Optimizes the partitions on the HDD to reclaim space.

*Writing to a to-be-remapped sector (those hard-to-read sectors, as recorded by the disk) may cause them to be remapped. However, this might not be the case for all disks.

Notes/known limitations/bugs:

Supported languages

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Supported languages and their translation status
EnglishCompleted and built-in.
ItalianVash The Stampede

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HDDChecker v0.95:
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