PlayStation 2 HDD checker

Update 2016/08/09: v0.932 released!
Update 2016/06/10: v0.931 released!
Update 2016/01/09: v0.93 re-released!
Update 2016/01/06: v0.93 re-released!
Update 2016/01/04: v0.93 released!
Update 2014/06/26: v0.92 re-released!
Update 2014/06/23: v0.92 released!
Update 2013/09/30: Bug report.
Update 2013/08/06: Initial public release.

HDDChecker is a basic disk diagnostic tool meant for testing the health of your PlayStation 2 console's Harddisk Drive unit.

It was conceived and constructed because I didn't want to see anymore poor SCPH-20400 units being cut open, just to have the disks within them taken out for testing. >_>

It'll also be useful for those people who need to check the condition of their HDD units, but don't have a working IDE port on their computers to connect the disk to.

It has the following features:

  1. Detects and lists the model, serial, firmware and S.M.A.R.T. status of HDD unit 0 (Primary Master).
  2. Performs a surface scan of the disk.
  3. Supports 48-bit LBA disks up to 2TB.
  4. Performs zero-filling of the disk with large blocks.
  5. With the surface scan, bad sectors found might be remappable. Based on my research, it appears that writing to a to-be-remapped sector (those hard-to-read sectors, as recorded by the disk) will kick off the actual sector remapping process. However, this has not been widely tested.
  6. Checks for damage to the APA scheme and PFS partitions.
  7. Defragments the HDD to reclaim space.*

*Does not support disks containing HDLoader games.

Notes/known limitations/bugs:

Supported languages

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Supported languages and their translation status
EnglishCompleted and built-in.

Changelog for v0.932:

  1. Relocated the version number.
  2. Fixed size calculation error in fsckFixDEntry() of fsck.
  3. Fixed cosmetic errors in disassembly of fsck.
  4. Updated to have the latest PS2SDK changes.
  5. Added Spanish and German localizations.
  6. Updated Portuguese localization.


HDDChecker v0.932:
HDDChecker v0.932 (Source code):
Translation template for v0.931 and later:

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