HDLoader game installer tool (HDLGameInstaller)

Update 2016/09/24: HDLGameInstaller v0.809A released!
Update 2015/12/16: HDLGameInstaller v0.809 released!
Update 2014/06/23: HDLGameInstaller v0.808 re-released!
Update 2014/06/23: HDLGameInstaller v0.808 released!
Update 2013/08/25: HDLGameInstaller v0.807 released!
Update 2013/08/04: HDLGameInstaller v0.806 released! (Critical bugfix)
Update 2013/08/01: HDLGameInstaller v0.805R released! (Performance update)
Update 2013/07/25: HDLGameUpdater v0.800 (for HDLGameInstaller v0.805) released!
Update 2013/07/23: v0.805 released.
Update 2013/07/19 02:22: v0.804 re-released - stability fix.
Update 2013/07/18: v0.804 released - contains network functionality enhancements.
Update 2013/07/17: v0.803 released - contains network functionality enhancements.
Update 2013/07/14 22:17: HDLGManClient for HDLGameInstaller v0.800+ readded.
Update 2013/07/14: v0.802 released - minor bugfix.
Update 2013/07/12: v0.801 released - includes network support fix.
Update 2013/07/11 03:19: Added a translation template.
Update 2013/07/11 02:09: Initial public release, with minor fix. Please re-download if you downloaded before I re-released it!

The HDLoader game installer allows the user to install PlayStation 2 games onto the installed Harddisk Drive, for direct booting with the HDDOSD (Browser v2.00 update).

It can also be used as an alternative to HDLDump, as this software does not use the HDLDump protocol and hence entirely uses TCP for data transfer. This means that unlike HDLDump, it's more reliable.

It has the following features:

  1. Installs all PlayStation 2 games from the CD/DVD drive.
  2. Installs all PlayStation 2 games remotely from a PC, via TCP/IP over a network.
  3. Installed games can be booted directly from the HDDOSD.
  4. Allows the user to manage games locally on the PlayStation 2 console itself.
  5. Allows the user to manage games remotely from a PC, via TCP/IPover a network.
  6. Network performance uses the latest ethernet modules from the PS2SDK, giving about 2MB/s.
  7. Allows the user to specify the savedata icon to use with the game.
  8. Supports games >4GB (HDLDump seems to have some difficulty with that).

Notes on network support:

Known limitations/bugs:

Changelog for v0.809A

  1. *Updated to use the new NETMAN module.
  2. *Updated to use the new HDD module (Up to 2TB disks, plus other bugfixes).

As older versions of HDLGameInstaller had a bug that prevented dual-layer DVD (DVD-DL) games from being installed properly, please re-install your DVD-DL games with the updated installer.

Supported languages

For more information on supported languages, click here. A template for translating this software is provided in the downloads section of this page.

Supported languages and their translation status
JapanesePartially translated. Unassigned.
EnglishCompleted and built-in.
FrenchTranslated by DaSA.
SpanishTranslated by ElPatas.
GermanTranslated by Delta_force.
ItalianTranslated by master991.
DutchTranslated by an anonymous person.
PortugueseTranslated by GillBert.

What is HDLGManClient?

HDLGameInstaller allows the user to install and manage PlayStation 2 games. This can be done either with the PlayStation 2 console itself or remotely over the network with a PC.

HDLGManClient is the PC client that allows the user to connect to HDLGameInstaller, when it's left running on the user's PlayStation 2 console.

What is HDLGameUpdater?

The HDLoader game updater automatically updates the bootstrap program of all your HDLoader games (the program which makes these games bootable from the HDD OSD/browser updater v2.00, aka Mini OPL/Diskload).

This software will not automatically make games which are not already bootable, bootable.

The current version is meant to be used for updating your games to have the same bootstrap program as the one installed by latest version of HDLGameInstaller.


HDLGameInstaller v0.809A: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z120z7ypaxrgb6x/%5B160924%5DHDLGameInstaller-0809A-bin.7z
HDLGameInstaller v0.809A (Source code): http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3g9p76b3texsqk/%5B160924%5DHDLGameInstaller.7z
Diskload/Mini OPL (source code): http://www.mediafire.com/download/semxvoje5h804se/%5B151216%5DDISKLOAD.7z
HDLGManClient for HDLGameInstaller v0.809+: http://www.mediafire.com/download/1gxlcyj337z5175/%5B151216%5DHDLGManClient-0809-bin.7z
HDLGManClient for HDLGameInstaller v0.809+ (source code): http://www.mediafire.com/download/5rbizmk945hyj2k/%5B151216%5DHDLGManClient.7z
Translation template for v0.801+: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x419443n0419vqy/%5B130712%5DHDLGameInstaller_-_translation_template.7z
HDLGameUpdater v0.801R for HDLGameInstaller v0.809+: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5fh2menzrrrh2ls/%5B151216%5DHDLGameUpdater-0809-bin.7z
HDLGameUpdater v0.801R for HDLGameInstaller v0.809+ (source code): http://www.mediafire.com/download/c9phh363afrtqav/%5B151216%5DHDLGameUpdater.7z

As usual, please do not hotlink to the file as the link/filename will change with every release.