Playstation 2 Disc Dumper (PS2DCDMP) v0.99

Update 2011/06/21: PS2DCDMP v0.99 released!

This is PS2ESDL's native Playstation 2 game installer.
It supports most CD-ROM based games, and should support all DVD and DVD9 DVD disc games.


Additional notes:

  1. PS2DCDMP v0.99 supports only the PS2ESDL v1.22 game format!
  2. If you are using an older version, please run the upgrader utility first.
  3. Although it is not required to have correct checksums stored in the PS2ESDL game list, using the FixCRC utility will calculate and update the checksums of all games.
  4. The CRC32 checksum is useful when checking the game for corruption.
  5. Please take note that it will take a long time to calculate the checksums of all games, especially when there are many games.


PS2DCDMP v0.99 + Upgrader (v1.20-v1.22) + FixCRC utility:
PS2DCDMP v0.99 (Source code):
Upgrader v1.20-v1.22 (Source code):
FixCRC utility (Source code):

As usual, please do not hotlink to the file as the link/filename will change with every release.

Note: Create a folder named "PS2ESDL" (Without the quotation marks) on your USB disk before use!

Performance tip: Enable write caching for your USB disk in Windows to improve game installation performance by a lot.

>>>However, remember to eject your USB disk properly first before disconnecting it from your computer!!