Playstation 2 iLink driver support page

Update 2014/07/07: Re-created and re-uploaded the 2012/02/29 package.
Update 2012/02/29: iLink plugin v0.98H released!
Update 2011/06/21: I had made an error during the previous upload - iLinkman v0.97A was actually v0.97C. :X

iLinkman is a driver that supports the Firewire port of Playstation 2 consoles.
It does not contain any code belonging to Sony, is less than 20KB in size and can attain speeds of up to roughly 4MB/s.


Downloads/Links for iLink and SBP-2 device drivers:

PS2ESDL iLink plugin v0.98H:[120229]PS2ESDL-iLink-bin.7z

As usual, writing support of IEEE1394_disk is untested. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

As usual, please do not hotlink to the file as the link/filename will change with every release.


  1. As I had few reports/feedback from users, I don't know how well this works on other consoles.
  2. IEEE1394_disk (The SBP-2/IEEE1394A disk driver) might not support multi-LUN devices very well, so please do not use multi-functional devices.
  3. The original archive containing the files from the original 2012/02/29 release has been lost. I don't know whether the extension that I've found within the PS2ESDL build 20120229 archive is the right one, but I hope that it is.
  4. This plugin can only be used with PS2ESDL v0.821, at this moment. The plugin/extension format was changed at v0.825, and I am not going to update this plugin due to a lack of a user base and the difficulty of maintaining this project.