My personal projects

Here is a short list on what projects I am currently working on:

Here is a short list of projects that are frozen/dead:

...And the completed projects:

SMAP driver for the Playstation 2

Although the homebrew PS2SDK currently has an existing SMAP driver, I was not satisfied with certain problems and limitations that it has.

Therefore, I started cloning the Sony SMAP driver, to create a new driver that did not share the same design (Not based on PS2LINUX). Project page: Here.

Playstation 2 External Storage Device games Loader (PS2ESDL)

I've figured that it wasn't going to be fair to me if I didn't tell anyone about the pride of all my projects done so far. ^_^|

PS2ESDL was built by me since April 2009, and it allows users to load their Playstation 2 games off a USB device.

I'd built it because I felt that I wanted to reduce wear on my Playstation 2's laser.

Please click here to visit PS2ESDL's official web page.

Playstation 2 iLink/Firewire/IEEE1394 drivers (iLinkman + IEEE1394_disk)

The Firewire/iLink/IEEE1394 port of the older Playstation 2 consoles had always intrigued me.

IEEE1394_disk was built by me since March 2011, and it allows users to access their SBP-2 compliant IEEE1394/Firewire/iLink devices (E.g. HDDs).

iLinkman was built by me later on as a free and legal replacement to Sony's iLink driver (Plus for better performance, less memory usage and strain on the PS2's hardware).

Please click here to check out the iLink drivers.

Unofficial Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.8C installer

This is an unofficial Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.8C installer.
No part of it was directly re-used from FMCB v1.7 itself, but parts of it were based or referenced from the code of FMCB v1.7.

I've always been interested in making cross-regional installs. Now I've made that happen

Unfortunately, I still haven't figured out how to re-hash the KELF header yet. So I cannot really improve on FMCB or make another ELF loader. :(

Please click here to check out this project.

Playstation 2 ROM font support libraries for gsKit

The Playstation 2 console has at least two JIS X 0208 fonts in it's ROM chip, and the two that are supported by the libraries within this release are rom0:FONTM and rom0:KROM.

Support for these fonts by the existing homebrew graphics libraries is not very good, so I've decided to work on adding proper support for them.

Please click here to check out this project.

SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 compatible homebrew software

Here are some of the homebrew software that I had fixed to run on all Playstation 2 consoles (Including the SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000):

Simple Media System Version 2.9 Revision 4:

Download v1.00:

Note: Read the included README file properly before use!
SCPH-10000 and SCPH-15000 console users will need to place a copy of rom0:LIBSD as LIBSD.irx in the same folder where this modified copy of SMS is launched from.

Users of newer consoles can just use this modified version of SMS like the regular SMS v2.9 Revision 4 (No need to put LIBSD.irx in the same folder).

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason freesd doesn't work as a replacement for rom0:LIBSD (It'll be really great if that could happen). :(


PGEN v1.5.1s:

Download v1.00:

Shell 95 Update Project (SH95UPD)

When I was still using Windows 98SE on my Pentium III, I had stripped off Internet Explorer and used the Windows 95 shell (EXPLORER.exe + SHELL32.dll + COMDLG32.dll).

Of course, there was this problem of some missing exports if you were to run a program that expected you to use the Windows 98 shell.

So I created SH95UPD that adds the missing exports into the Windows 95 SHELL32.dll, allowing 98Lite users (Or just users of the Windows 95 shell) to run such programs again.

The project got frozen ever since my PC got replaced in early year 2010, but you may visit the old SH95UPD project page to see what this project was about (And to grab the latest version).